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We are both so happy with everything about Bunny. The professionalism, integrity, knowledge and love promised by Kanche Kennel was evident from the first time we spoke with Gerry all the way to our first cuddle of Bunny. The beautiful nature and mountains of character that Bunny has brought to our lives is very, very special and for that we are so grateful that Gerry and Kanche Kennel exists.


What a priceless little treasure our baby is. The most adorable, sweet, joyful happy little soul we have ever had the pleasure of calling our own. He has so many wonderful qualities that we could’t possibly name them all. We know that you are more than aware of all his marvellous attributes, but even so, we can’t help but share them with you again. All of his wonderful nature has been cultivated and nurtured by you, you have done the most incredible job with your puppies if our Zeus is anything to go by. You are indeed the top breeder of these wonderful little creatures. He is gorgeous – such boldness and attitude…..he is magic. He’s such a character you could write a book on him – imagine how much there would be to write after a couple of years!!! He is so precious, so much more than we had hoped for, the photos did not do him justice, he is just so beautiful and so smart, a very quick learner already goes outside for a pee every time. He is an astonishing little dog…thank you so much…we will love and treasure him forever.


I did not know that so much love and fun could be bundled into such a little pup. When we took our little man “Biscuit” home in October 2009, he was just eight weeks old. At the time, we felt sad to be taking him away from his family and the wonderful nurturing home that Gerry at Kanche Kennels had given him.

From the very first moment he arrived home, Biscuit showed what a loving, smart, gentle little dog he is. We have two other little dogs who he has won over with his persistance and freindly, fun loving nature. They are now enjoying a new lease on life too!

Thank you Gerry for such a treasure. He has never disappointed us but rather surprised us with his ability to be-friend everyone. His zest for life is a refreshing joy.

Biscuit is much more than we had ever hoped for or expected. We just cannot imagine life without him now.


Wow ! What an experience.

We were looking to purchase a puppy and we looked and looked and finally all our dreams came true.

I rang Gerry to inquire about her advertised puppies and was so impressed with her gentle nature and knowledge.

After keeping in contact for a week we finally drove 2 hours to meet and take ownership of our new puppy.

We finally laid eyes on our beautiful baby and we were all very excited especially Mum & Alina.

Gerry explained everything that we needed to know regarding taking care of our new family addition who we named Coco.

Such is Gerry’s beautiful nature and dedication to her puppies that she became emotional when we had to drive the 2 hours back home with Coco.

We are so so very impressed with Gerry’s professionalism, knowledge, passion and dedication to making sure that her beautiful puppies go to the right homes so that they are well looked after forever.

The other impressive thing about Gerry is that even after 8 months since we took ownership of Coco she is still keeping in touch with us to inquire how Coco is doing & progressing.

I can see why Gerry and her quality puppies are so respected and regarded as the best in the business.

Mum and Alina are trying ever so hard to twist my arm to get another puppy from Gerry, but i am resisting at the moment – just !

Thank you Gerry & Howard for your love and affection – your professionalism, beautiful nature, knowledge and dedication to your A1 quality puppies is very much appreciated by us.

Coco is such a beautiful and loving puppy he brings so much love and joy to our lives – we will treasure and love him forever and ever.

Love Ben, Melissa, Alina Maiorana


We are very pleased with Gerry at Kanche Kennels because she is a genuine animal loving lady, who delivers what she promises, and her help every step of the way to bring us our new family member Corbett to us eight months ago when he was a very little man who had to fly on a plane to get here to his new home in Tasmania.

He is my lil man in shining armour who gives me cuddles and kisses when heath is not home and always looks foward to getting a ride in the car. He is always only one step behind Laura our three year old daughter and guards our house like he is the biggest guard dog in the street.

Gerry your the best and we hope that your amazing girls keep making these pure quality puppies so that other people can enjoy how good your puppies really are 🙂


I am being 100% honest when I say WOW! It was an amazing experience to buy a puppy from kanche. It was an easy process and we received plenty of pictures and updates while we waited. The love and care Gerry places in all of these puppies shines so brightly, we have never seen such well natured, georgous little Chihuahua’s ever. We can not thank you enough for the time and huge effort that you have put in for us with this georgous little girl. She is a HUGE part of our family and will be spoilt for ever.


We’ve had little Frankie for almost 3 weeks now, and we are so in love with this bundle of joy.
What a good boy he is!

What can we say that hasn’t already been said about Gerry…..she is truely a wonderful inspiration and has such an amazing talent and her dedication and love is one of a kind.
She’s been so helpful and nothing is too much trouble!
Thankyou Gerry

We absolutely love loving him…

Lots of love
Lina & Christian


I am being 100% honest It was an amazing experience to buy a puppy from kanche. Gerry was so helpful and a delight to talk to about buying a puppy. Gerry kept us updated with photos and tips on looking after our new family addition. It was such an amazing expierence meeting gerry in person and didnt hesitate meeting us halfway for us to pick up our new puppy teddy. When i first spoke to gerry i could tell her puppies are raised with love and on meeting gerry i could see the love she has and passion she has for her (babies) puppies. Teddy has settled in very well and is an amazing puppy. My husband and i have an autistic son and gerry advised us teddy was perfect for our son well gerry was right teddy and my son adam are inseparable and teddy waits patiently every afternoon for my son to arrive home. all i can say is THANKYOU SO MUCH GERRY you are a blessing and i fully recommend you to anyone wanting a puppy from you.


Wow what a journey we had been on looking for the right pup for our family. Kanche Kennel was able to provide us with exactly what we had been looking for.

Living in another atate i was a little frightened with the whole transporting experience, but i can honestly say that Gerry supported us through it every step of the way. Sending us emails and updates of Alvin everyday, even up until his very last day. She has been amazing!

She is constantly providing us with tips on things that we can do to settle in, our new little puppy and hints on how to enjoy Alvin along side with our two children.She has been supporitive and helped us complete our family. We could have not asked for a smoother experience.

Alvin will be much loved in our family and we have Gerry to thank for it! I highly recommend you to anyone who is wanting a puppy.

Madeline and Pedro


thankyou so much Jerry for your lovely puppy snoopy he so good and easy he didn’t take long to fit in with my other dogs and cat they play for hours and it was good with all update what you see is what you get even when she move she keep us up to date so if you want a well loved puppy just contact jerry cause she goes out her way to help you and puppy was so healthy and fit he even got his paw wrap around my husband finger brings into bed every morning before going work so once again thanyou very much jerry from lynne and dave


After losing our little Cheek boy, Milo at 19 years of age to heart failure, I contacted Gerry after many weeks of sadness in the home after seeing a photo of two of her puppies on line. After speaking with Gerry I realised what a wonderful caring person she was. Gerry stayed in contact with my wife Gaye and I as we struggled with the idea of getting a new puppy. After Gerry had seen photos of Milo she was certain one of her two male puppies would be perfect for us, and that happiness would soon return to our home if we took one. Our other two dogs, Jezzie who was Milo’s sister and Gracie our Golden Retriever also appeared very sad with Gracie sleeping near Milo’s grave morning and night. Gerry decided to withdraw her puppies from sale and bring them to our home as she was visting her sister, not far from where we lived. Well, the rest is history. After meeting with Gerry, and puppies we now have an addional two beautiful boys, Jordi and Jiro in our family. They are much loved by everyone and bring unlimited joy. Gracie has stopped sleeping by Milo’s grave and has also lost 3 kilo as she tries to keep up with the boys during play. Sadly little Jezzie has died also from heart failure but our two new little bundles of joy have helped us to deal with the loss. I simply can’t thank Gerry enough for her kindness and professionalism and the happiness she has brought back into our family with the beautifully bred Jordi and Jiro.


I contacted Gerry regarding a puppy after seeing Gerry’s add in the trading post, we wanted a chihuahua to join our family and after browsing through the adds i think there was 50 listings Gerrys add with the beautifull photos really appealed to me ,the other adds did not look like chihuahua’s, they looked like cross breeds, and we did not want a cross breed.
I phoned to make an enquiry and i spoke to Gerry and explained that i did not want a cross breed i wanted a puppy that was sound with a perfect temperament and thats how we made contact and Gerry was so full of knowledge, i knew from that point in the conversation that Gerry was a very honest lady who puts everything into her babies, Gerry emailed me photo’s of Grisham and he just melted my heart with those lovely little eyes, i rang straight back and paid for Grisham, i did not want to miss out and within a week i held little Grisham in my arms and we just love him, he is a very special little boy and has brought joy to us and pleases us in everything he does, from the minute we got him i say to him “LOOK AT ME”, and i have his full attention , he is so intelligent he even knows Gerry’s voice on the phone and i say thats your mummy too, his little ears prick up when he hears Gerry’s voice, we will be getting another puppy from Gerry in the near future so our little Grisham will have a play mate, so thank you so much Gerry we are honoured to be part of Grishams life and we will always have that special bond with Gerry, it is a real credit to Gerry for what she doe’s and i really thank you Gerry because you do a lot of work with these puppies and you are very caring, there is not many people that you meet in a lifetime that can be so caring like Gerry, so Gerry with all our heart, thankyou and please anybody wanting to purchase a chihuahua puppy please contact Gerry i guarantee you will not be dissappointed.
Thanks Love Marnie And Paul And Our Darling Little Man


I had wanted a dog for a very long time- 5 years in fact but due to living in an apartment my partner was extremely reluctant until we went to a friend’s place that had two Chihuahua’s in their apartment. Once I got the nod from my partner and our Body Corporate I was on the hunt for the right dog from the right breeder- it was going to be a fawn and cream long coat male. This was an 8 week process. I contacted almost every major breeder in Australia and some in New Zealand, I even drove over an hour on weekends to meet breeders at Dog Shows and then I came across Kanche Kennels- thank goodness.

Gerry was by far the most welcoming and passionate woman I came across with her Chihuahuas. I was thrilled to discover that the baby boy I was enquiring about was still available- exactly what I wanted and protected from problems associated with cross-breeding as Gerry does not practice this what so ever. Gerry and I spoke for an hour; it was just wonderful to get all the answers to my questions with experience, passion, care and confidence behind her answers.

Within a week my puppy was on a plane and I went to Sydney airport to collect him with my heart beating through my chest with excitement. As soon as I opened the door of the travel crate my little Ziggy wagged his tail and came into my arms, looked up at me and gave me a kiss- it was love at first sight.

I took him to the vet for a full health check and he was just perfect. Gerry was fantastic in getting all vet related records, nutrition advice and worming instructions to me immediately upon receiving my puppy. She was also very helpful when I called a couple of times with additional questions and once again, gave me great advice.

Ziggy proved to be affectionate and socialized and settled very quickly into his new home environment. He met my cockatiel ‘Frankie’ with curiosity and no problems. Within two weeks I had taught him to ‘sit’ and he knows his name. He is also moving forward with leaps and bounds in the toilet training department because I am spending a lot of time (I work from home) and making a huge effort to fast track his progress. He has put on a good amount of healthy weight in just two weeks and we start puppy pre-school in 1 week.

I can’t thank you enough Gerry for doing what you do also for all the wonderful photos of Ziggy at 4 weeks and then 6 weeks and then when you dropped him off at the airport bound for his new life with my partner and me. You are an absolute gem and I feel so privileged to have become the mother to one of your very special little babies- thank you thank you thank you.


Elly has such a wonderful character, the result that she has been nurtured and very much loved before she came to us, she has charmed her way into our pack and is also best friend with kitty-cat.
It’s a big pleasure to observe her when she is trying to catch the ball in the cat’s toy, like a polarbear is breaking the ice.

We loved her since the first moment and we will always cherish and love her, so charming, playful, smart and always in a great mood; who could resiste ? Thank you Gerry, and keep in touch.


Just wanting to thankyou you Gerry for letting CHILLI become a part of our family. She is so dearly loved and such a precious little girl. We have had her for nearly ten months now and could not be happier. It has been exciting chating with you and telling you of CHILLI’s progress. Your puppies have the most beautiful nature and CHILLI is proof of this. She is fantastic with my children and loves the visits to school each day to collect the kids and gets more loving and pats from all the other children there. She is always happy and such a quick little learner. I have had many different breeds of dogs through my life but I now know that I will never have anything but a chihuahua. You have bred such a beautiful little dog with the most loving, kind , smart nature and a georgeous little dog as well. Everwhere we go I have people telling me that she is the most beautiful , loving and friendly chihuahua they have ever met. Thankyou once again Gerry for producing the kindest, prettiest chihuahua’s in the world and thankyou for letting us be able to have one of your pups to love dearly.
Narelle, Stuart, Shae and Kye.xxx



I would like to thank you gerry for my beautiful little boy Monte. He has just the sweetest nature and is more like a son than a dog. He is great with my 17 month old son and actually sleeps with him at night…
Monte just recently became a daddy for the first time and his puppies are just gorgeous. Once again thank you so much gerry for completing my family with this bundle of love and joy.
Tara, darren and riley.

My partner and I have been looking for a puppy for about 2 years. We had looked just about everywhere and could not find one that we liked. Then we found Gerry’s ad on the trading post – we found our little man. Gerry was awesome through the whole process of getting him to us. As we live in Cairns we were a little worried about the journey for such a small puppy, but gerry made all the arrangements; all I had to do was pick him up. We are looking at getting another puppy after xmas and we will be buying from Gerry again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING A PUPPY FROM HER. Thanks Gerry, we love our little Orson.


Hi All, anyone that wants an adorable well bred pup, please see Gerry. She has been the most beautiful person and breeder myself and family have met. Gerry is always there when you need her, and we recently had the pleasure of going to her home and meeting all her dogs and puppies and oh god you have never seen anything so beautiful as her home and her home is her dogs and puppies home as well. Gerry is the most genuine lovely person I have met and her dogs and puppies are always treated like her family. Please have a look around and enjoy her family as much as we have. I will always stay in contact with her. My little Billy came from there and I wouldnt go anywhere else. So Thanks so much, Gerry, Love From Lesley, Neil David and Sean and WOOF Hugs from Billy


If you want to own a beautiful Chihuahua then Gerry is the breeder I would recommend. She is a very passionate and professional breeder. Her puppies are not only adorable looking but they have wonderful temperaments and when buying a Chihuahua it is a very important trait to look for.
Gerry made the whole process so exciting and she was full of great tips on how to properly care for our puppy.
We have enjoyed our little boy so much over the last few months and we look forward to many years ahead.

Trudy, Graham and Zac


Hi Gerry,

Firstly we would like to thank you for all your hard work you do for these absolutely gorgeous chihuahua puppies and their parents. You are a blessing for all of us chihuahua lovers :).

We would like to thank Gerry for our handsome lil boy Chucka. He is such a little character, so full of energy yet loves his snuggle time. He is absolutely perfect, words cannot express how happy we are now we have him. He has a beautiful nature and is very playful with the grandkids.

Gerry is a wonderful, kind and caring woman who would do anything for her animals. We highly recommend buying a puppy from her.

Lots of Love,

Gary, Sue and Chucka xox (woof woof)


I have wanted to adopt a puppy for a long time so I started to look in the newspapers and online and spoke to a lot of people without any luck, until I phoned Gerry….what a wonderful person!

We spoke and emailed each other until she had a puppy for me to adopt. Gerry phoned me 10 minutes after my Hanna was born and emailed photo updates of her every week until I picked her up.

NOTHING was or is too much trouble for this truly beautiful person. Hanna is the sweetest natured little soul and the light of my life.

On first visit to my vet for due vaccination, he commented that whoever bred this healthy, beautiful natured little Chihuahua has got everything right – an absolute credit to her.

Gerry, Sweetie, I can’t thank you enough for everything…All Our Love…Jo-Anne, Lotti and Hanna XXX


I got my Menzies from Gerry in Oct 2011. He is so sweet and we love him so much, in a few weeks, we are getting a new baby from Gerry…her name is Mia. Gerry has been so kind to my family, that is why I would only buy my dogs from her, coz I know her dogs are so sweet and are very good with kids….I have 3 aged 11, 8 and 3 years. Thank you so much Gerry for all you have done for me and my family xoxoxo



What a little sweetheart we obtained. Very pretty little boy in looks and temperament. What a lovely colour and beautiful thick coat he has.
A credit to the lovely breeder Gerry from Kanche kennels.

Gerry was great…..we learned many important things about taking care of our animal – such as dietary needs, exercise, sleeping patterns and toys.

We are very happy with our Chihuahua.

Tiffany & Phillip


This is our 2nd little chihuahua we have bought from Gerry. Once again so easy to deal with – not a hassle. Gerry organized everything for us. All we had to do was pick her up. There are good breeders….then there is Gerry who is, hands down, the best breeder we have come across. So if you are looking for a Chihuahua and you are reading this, all I can say is…….STOP LOOKING because you will NOT be disappointed if you buy from her. Our little Chanel (formerly known as Queeni) is absolutely beautiful.


We bought TJ from Gerry early last year and I just could not praise Gerry or her fantastic puppies enough. She has just made the whole experience an absolute pleasure and has always been there when we have had questions.

The love she has for her chi’s and the care she provides them shows in her puppies. TJ is such a cheeky confident little boy and has been from the day he got here in WA.

TJ fitted in with our family so well. He is very active (like my 2 sons) and has loved snuggles n cuddles and has slept in my daughters bed from the start.

He is the living image of his Daddy who is absolutely stunning. He is a very social puppy and loves the dogs, cats and even our pet rat Meely (dec)

Anybody looking to bring a Chihuahua into their family would not find a better place to go than KANCHE. We love you Gerry xx


We have had Chihuahua’s all our lives and after losing our last little one to old age we finally made the decision to find another. After searching the internet we came across Gerry’s website and knew from the start we were in the right place. Gerry’s devotion to these dogs is amazing and it was clear from the start she loved them all !!! After choosing our little boy Monti we were sent regular updates on his progress. We also recommended Gerry to my mother who then went on to purchase one of the boys from the same litter. The boys arrived and were everything and more that Gerry promised – gorgeous, great temperament and so wonderful in every way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gerry to anyone wanting to buy one of these wonderful dogs….. Thanks Gerry !!!!!!!!!


A huge thank you Gerry for my little man Rocky. He is the happiest, most loveable, playful and great natured puppy. It is easy too see that they were given lots of love and attention from you. Rocky is a much loved member of this family and has easily fitted in with his happy nature and playful ways he has given me hours of enjoyment and I would be lost without him. Thanks again Gerry for what you did for me….he really is a credit to you and is a spoiled, loved, happy little man. Gail


Dear Gerry,

Well it’s been one week since our second little chihuahua bundle of joy arrived and gee we love our new little girl – Pippa. But we don’t love her as much as her big brother Ziggy loves her who we bought from you 18 months ago now. I always wanted two little chihuahuas and I am disappointed I waited so long because they are so happy together! They even ‘spoon’ each other in bed and it is just the cutest thing in the world. Pippa is the perfect puppy, her temperament is so gorgeous and she smiles all the time. She has learnt her name and how to ‘sit’ in just one week and she’s only 11 weeks old – she is just SO intelligent. Thank you for my new little baby, she’s a gift from God and I just adore her. You are amazing at what you do and I am so glad and grateful that when I wanted my second dog I could come straight back to Kanche xxx


What can I say, I searched for months for the right puppy to become a part of our lives and finally I saw my lil man on the Kanche web site. There was no doubt in my mind this was the beautiful little boy for us. What made it such a great process is the fact that Gerry is such an amazing lady, she organized everything all I had to do was be patient and wait to get our little bundle of joy. We kept in contact during that time and received many photos of him.

When my little boy Dollar, formerly known as Samson, arrived I couldn’t have been happier he was a beautiful healthy little boy, exactly what I expected.
Dollar has all the energy in the world – he’s enthusiastic, out going, adorable and definitely has heaps of love to give. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

I thank you so much Gerry and Kanche Kennels for producing such an amazingly beautiful little boy. If anyone is looking for a Chihuahua, you cannot go wrong with Kanche Kennels. Gerry is an amazing breeder and I would be happy to do this again.

Once again thank you so much Gerry…..OX Samson OX


Dear Gerry,
We have had Sachi for nearly a year now and she has been the most wonderful gift we could ever have asked for. She’s very cuddly, loves children, has got a big personality and great temperament!!!
Most beautiful little dog, just loves everyone…And very smart.
I would highly reccomend one of Gerry’s puppies, your are a wonderful lady and a pleasure to do buisness with!!! Made the experience even better meeting you and knowing how the little ones were raised!!
So thank you Gerry for making the world a better place
Judy and Chris
and our beloved Twiggy (Sachi) Perry

We are absolutely thrilled to have our new baby girl, Pippa alias Agali home safely in Darwin with us. Gerry, I cant thank you enough. You were wonderful in enabling me to arrange Pips transport from Rockhampton to Cairns so we could then make the trip home to Darwin together. What a little princess. Our little girl has bought so much joy into our home. She was using newspaper to toilet herself on within two days. What an intelligent loving little being. In plain and simple words, Gerry and Howard, we are just so grateful for your dedication to this breed. I have always had Shihtzu’s and whilst I still love the Shihtzu breed, this beautiful little soul has the best nature I have ever been privileged to experience and care for. She goes to the beach each day with us and after only four days is wearing a collar and walking on a leash, through puddles on the beach and into the calm, warm, Darwin waters of Little Mindal Beach, belly deep. Just 10 weeks old and achieving so much already. We are very grateful for the treasure trove of love, dipped in Gerry and Howard, named Pippa you have awarded us with. Thank you very much Gerry and Howard for our dear little girl. We are in love.
Sharon & John


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