Hello All….my name is Gerry Moran, pictured on most pages of this site tending to the needs of my 9 babies at that particular time, a regular occurrence each night, spending quality time before tucking them into bed – a total joy for me.  Please take a tour of my website….I would love to share with you the pleasure of being associated with these unique little dogs…..  

Kanche is a small kennel situated 10 minutes north of Rockhampton, Qld.  I am a Registered Breeder primarily supplying the pet/companion dog market.  I do not show my dogs for very valid reasons which I am happy to discuss further.  However, my passion is to produce intelligent, impeccable natured, structurally sound Genuine Purebred Chihuahuas of Standard Size.  The nurturing and total care of these precious souls develops my babies into emotionally secure little beings, preparing them for their trouble-free transition into their new homes.   My puppies are delivered to my clients vaccinated, microchipped and in top-notch health supported by a complete vet check and health certificate.  They are fully treated for worms and nourished on Mothers Milk until 6 weeks of age (=naturally strong healthy bones and digestive system), introduced to solid foods of the highest quality around 4-5 weeks of age.

My dogs are housed in very comfortable, clean, spacious quarters directly adjacent to my home.  They spend much of their day with me “helping” as I go about my daily household chores.  They all get along extremely well with, it seems, an innate ability to sensitively and sweetly involve themselves in the nurturing of each others litters – a real family affair – a quite remarkable and most enjoyable experience to observe…..this includes the Daddy, who bonds with his puppies and joins in to perform all of the hands-on duties toileting, grooming, babysitting and protecting plus pampering his Girls!  My dogs relish in being afforded a large lawn enclosure  where they can run and play freely to their hearts content.  This is so important for healthy physical development of the puppies and, of course, the continued well being of my adult dogs.

I do arrange transport to anywhere in Australia, cost of freight being at my clients expense.  I will travel by road and meet half way if within a couple of hundred kilometres or so for each of us.  It’s always lovely to meet my babies’ new family, with many of whom I have stayed in touch.  There is always willing “post delivery” support for a new owner who may need to discuss any issue whatsoever concerning their new addition to their family.