Past litters


THE TRUE MATRIARCH IN EVERY SENSE – Absolutely fabulous with the perfect personality to naturally emerge as the eldest-of-the-family role model. A wonderful mother, producing Millie and Connie who are proving to be equally wonderful little characters, carrying on the family tradition.  I don’t have any  puppy photos of Connie and Millie…..Ella still THINKS of them as her BABIES?!

Ella’s Past Litters:



THE MOST AMAZING LITTLE CHARACTER – intelligent, cannot-live-without affection – giving and receiving. Fabulous little mother – busy and playful, producing excellent quality puppies.

Alice’s Past Litters:



GENTLE, LAID BACK, UNINTRUSIVE SNUGGLE POT/CUDDLE PIE – litter sister to Millie, great little mother producing superb puppies – fat, responsive, playful, intelligent little babies.

Connie’s Past Litters:



VERY INTELLIGENT, MOST AFFECTIONATE, HAS THE  DEEPEST SOUL – My Millie is a fabulous mother consistently producing very well nourished, top quality puppies, always the most interesting colours with perfect ears!!

Millie’s Past Litters:

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PRETTY, WITH A COAT AS SOFT AS SILK – ANGORA-LIKE TO FEEL – my little girl, happy, energetic, cheeky – very busy little mummy, producing strong healthy puppies.

Peachie’s Past Litters: